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The birthplace of quality Valpolicella wines

The Mazzi family winery is a place where wine comes to life, ages, and then is tasted to be enjoyed by everyone. We are passionate and committed so that each bottle we produce bears witness to its origin and the love we put into it. Located near Negrar, in Verona, this area is well-known for the production of Valpolicella and Amarone wines, thanks to its ideal characteristics for growing vines. It all began back in 1900 when the Mazzi family started a wine bottling business. The winery, then known as ‘Sanperetto’ as a tribute to the village in which it was located, has since produced renowned wines.

cantina dinvecchiamento storica produzione vino valpolicella verona societa agricola mazzi

Historic ageing cellar

cantina di produzione vino valpolicella verona societa agricola mazzi

Vinification cellar

cantina barricaia moderna produzione vino valpolicella verona societa agricola mazzi

Recent refinement cellar

Mazzi Family Legacy

Valpolicella wine making art

Over the years, our family-run farming company has expanded to over seven hectares of vineyards, passing on the same values and traditions from generation to generation. Today, Roberto’s sons, Stefano and Antonio, run the family business with passion and continue to cultivate the wine making art. Our winery is the beating heart of our activities. Here we receive freshly harvested grapes and carefully start the wine making process, combining traditional techniques and modern wine making know-how. During the ageing process, the wine is gently placed in oak barrels to acquire their distinctive aromas and complexity. Each bottle is the result of meticulous attention to every detail of the production process. We offer a wide selection of wines that witness the soul and territory of Valpolicella. Among our products, you will discover well-known wines such as Valpolicella Classico and Valpolicella Superiore. Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to explore the world of Amarone, a fine wine renowned for its richness and complexity.

cantina esterno produzione vino valpolicella verona societa agricola mazzi


A historic process providing character and intensity to Valpolicella wines

Appassimento is a traditional and fundamental process in Valpolicella wine making, masterfully carried out at the Mazzi family winery.. Here , grapes, harvested with care and dedication, undergo a slow process of natural drying, allowing bunches to concentrate aromas and sugars. During this drying process called Appassimento, the wine gains complexity and depth, giving a unique and unmistakable character to the products of Roberto Mazzi’s farming company. Thanks to this ancient technique , wines such as Amarone and Recioto showcase the full richness and intensity of their local roots as well as the wine making expertise of the Mazzi family.

fruttaio per appassimento acini vino valpolicella verona societa agricola mazzi

guided tours

Our winery is the temple of taste: discover the place where each bottle is lovingly cared for and tasted to provide unforgettable emotions.