Guided Tours

Unique experience

Valpolicella’s authentic products

Our tours offer a unique experience that allows you to spot the charm of Valpolicella through our historic mill and winery. Here, you can delve into the history of the Mazzi family and its region of origin, while savouring our delicious products.
We are dedicated to providing you with a warm and family welcome, creating a unique atmosphere during your stay at our winery.
A fascinating journey awaits you, beginning in the milling museum housed within our 16th-century mill and continuing through our cellars where our wine ages. It will be an opportunity to explore the secrets of wine making and savour the best of Valpolicella.
Don’t miss the chance to book your visit! Choose the experience that best represents you, it will be our pleasure to welcome you and share our passion with you.
For further information or reservations, contact us via our contact details. Stay updated on our activities and news by following us on social media.
Join us for an unforgettable experience discovering the art of wine making and milling in the wonderful Valpolicella region through the guided tours arranged by Roberto Mazzi’s farming company. We are waiting for you!