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Roberto Mazzi And Son’s Farming Company

A family tradition producing fine wines in the heart of Valpolicella

Mazzi farming company has a long tradition of high-quality wine-growing dating back to 1900. After graduating in agriculture, Roberto Mazzi carried on his family legacy and breathed new life into wine production in 1958. Today, Roberto’s sons, Stefano and Antonio, run the farm, always focusing on quality. Located in one of Italy’s most important wine making areas, namely Valpolicella, Mazzi benefits from the ideal climate and soil to produce high-quality wines, including the famous Amarone and Valpolicella. The winery arranges guided tours to showcase its hallmarks.


Our history most important steps

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La cantina Sanperetto

This was the original name of our company, in honour of the hamlet where it was located.


Valpolicella Cooperative Winery in Negrar

On 23 August, Gaetano Dall’ora, our grandmother’s brother, founded a company with six other gentlemen and became its first president.


Amarone Recioto della Valpolicella

Gaetano and Adelino tapped a glass of Recioto from a barrel, which had been there for a long time, and noticed that it had a dry and almost bitter taste.


Roberto Mazzi

After finishing his agricultural studies, he began producing and bottling wines following his family traditions.


Stefano and Antonio

Once they finished their studies, they joined the family business and started the “Antica Corte al Molino” farmhouse to introduce wine lovers to their reality.


Vinification and refinement cellars

Winery renovation and extension including the roll-out of new vats and oak barrels.


New fruit cellar

A new warehouse was created to further improve the grapes’ drying process and also store bottles underground for temperature-controlled refinement.


The story goes on

The company now boasts over seven hectares of land, managed with great passion by Roberto’s sons.

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+39 045 7502072

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Via Crosetta, 8 – 37024 Negrar di Valpolicella (VR)

guided tours

Our winery is the temple of taste: discover the place where each bottle is lovingly cared for and tasted to provide unforgettable emotions.